Dumpster Rentals in Metro Vancouver


Please make sure there is enough room for Bin placement at your residence or job site call us our friendly staff is here to guide you through the process. Call us when the bin is ready to be picked up Bins are not picked up unless pre scheduled for pick up or client calls us to pick up the Bin or switch out for an empty Bin if you require another empty Bin to your site let us know asap so we can get you another Eco Bin to keep your project on schedule. Level Load signs are placed on the Bin so they don't get overfilled Do not fill Bin past top of level load line, all bins dumpsters must be covered with a tarp its the Law. It is dangerous for drivers to climb on top of a bin to fix an  overfilled bin and time consuming to fix load. Surcharge may apply for fixing  over filled Bins. Rental fees include up to 7 days rental Dumpster Rentals in Delta Dumpster Rentals in White Rock Dumpster rentals in Vancouver

NO Mattress $35.00 each

NO Tires car  $10.00 each

             Truck  $20.00 each

NO Paint cans $5.00 each  Buckets $10.

No oil Containers  $5.00 EACH

NO Propane Tanks $50.00 EACH

NO Gas cans or Containers 

NO Medical waste or sharps

No animal waste or Carcass

Cleaning charges may apply 

No Hazardous Waste 

 Drywall older then 1991 requires an asbestos clearance letter 

Drywall must be placed in a bin by it self 

Drywall Gypsum can not be mixed with regular waste 

Please check rules and regulations of your local dump or transfer station banned items list 

Surcharge may apply if these items are placed in the Bin

Drywall Hidden  in the Bin or mixed with reg waste will be billed at $350.00 per ton

Eco Bins does not profit in any way from the surcharges these are charges levied by the dump or transfer station and are passed along to the consumer

Call us if you have any questions our friendly staff is here to help and guide you through the process